Prashar Lake: A Mystical Gem in the Heart of Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the lap of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, the captivating Prashar Lake is a testament to the rich tapestry of mythology that weaves through the country. Many destinations here draw their names from ancient tales, and Prashar Lake is no exception. This mysterious water body stands as a silent storyteller, echoing the legends that surround it.

Prashar Lake, an enchanting natural wonder, is nestled amidst the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges at an astounding height of around 9000 feet above sea level. The lake boasts a circumference of about 1.5 km and is fed by the pristine waters of glacial and rain sources.

Parashar Lake captivates with its deep blue waters, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The lake is considered a sacred haven where Sage Parashar meditated, and its scenic allure can be experienced through two picturesque routes—from Mandi or from Bajaura in the Kullu Valley, both spanning 49 kilometers (30 miles).

A Natural Wonder: The Floating Island

Parashar Lake boasts a unique natural phenomenon—a round, floating island. This island, which covers almost 29% of the lake's area, is made of regular landmass, while the remaining 71% is filled with crystal-clear water. Intriguingly, this ratio of land to water is identical to that of the Earth's, leading many to believe that the lake is a microcosmic representation of our planet.

Despite its remarkable features, the depth of the lake remains a mystery as local beliefs prevent people from measuring it. The island, which seems to have a mind of its own, drifts around the lake and changes its position throughout the year, adding to the mystique of the lake. It's a place of such natural beauty and intrigue that one can't help but be captivated by its charm.


Prashar Lake is believed to have been named after Sage Prashar who is said to have meditated on its banks. According to the story, Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers, created the lake. After the Kurukshetra/Mahabharat war, the Pandavas were escorting Lord Kamrunag back home when they came across this place. Kamrunag was so captivated by the serene surroundings that he decided to live there permanently. To create a home for him, Bheem (who was the strongest among them) struck his elbow on a mountain, leaving a large dent in the land. This depression eventually became the beautiful Prashar Lake.

Ancient Pagoda Temple

The serene and mystical lake of Parashar is adorned by a magnificent Pagoda style temple that stands tall beside it. The temple is dedicated to Rishi Prashar, who is revered as the patron God of the Mandi region. The temple's construction dates back to the 13th-14th century, and it was built by King Ban Sen with a single deodar tree, taking 12 years to complete. The Rishi is present in the form of a Pindi (stone), adding to the temple's spiritual significance. The tranquil surroundings of the lake create a calming aura and offer a surreal experience for visitors taking a leisurely stroll. A visit to Parashar is not just a spiritual journey but also an exploration into the mystical and picturesque Himalayan mountains.

Some other features of Prashar Lake

1. The Holomictic Marvel

Prashar Lake stands as a rare gem in Himachal Pradesh, being a holomictic lake. A term less heard in the common lexicon, holomictic lakes possess uniform density and temperature at specific times of the year, ensuring complete water mixing—a phenomenon seldom witnessed in Indian landscapes.

2. Sacred Lake

Esteemed as one of India's holiest lakes, Prashar Lake forbids access to anyone but the temple priests. Rooted in the reverence for Rishi Prashar, the belief in the sanctity of the lake has endured through generations, with tales of the sage's meditation by its shores.

3. Saranahuli Mela: An Annual Extravaganza

The Saranahuli Mela is an annual cultural extravaganza that takes place around June each year near Prashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh, India. This traditional fair is a unique celebration that features various rituals and a grand feast that attracts thousands of devotees from all over the region. 

This festival is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local Pahadi culture. During the festival, you can witness live performances of traditional music and dance, and see local artisans showcasing their crafts. You can also indulge in the sumptuous local cuisine, which is a highlight of the festival.

The Saranahuli Mela is an important event in the local calendar, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vibrancy. It is a time when the entire community comes together to celebrate their heritage and traditions. If you plan a trek during this festival, you can be sure that you will have an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the local culture.

4. Rhododendron Splendor

The trail leading to Prashar Lake unfolds a spectacle during January to March when the valley bursts into a profusion of rhododendron blooms. The lush fuchsia pink hues create a picturesque landscape, offering a visual treat for trekkers seeking not only adventure but also the aesthetic allure of nature.

5. Panoramic Vistas from the Heights

Winter View

Situated at an elevation of 2730 m above sea level, the Prashar Lake trail unveils breathtaking views of Shimla, Kinnaur, Rohtang Pass, and the Dhauladhar range. Through binoculars on a clear day, trekkers can relish a bird's-eye view of their favorite Himachal locales, amplifying the allure of the journey.

6. Sukhasar Lake: Beyond Prashar's Horizon

If you're visiting Parashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh, make sure to check out Sukhasar Lake, which is just 2 km away. It's located at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level, at the top of Rewalsar town. Just like Parashar Lake, Sukhasar Lake is also one of the oldest in the area. The lake is surrounded by rising hills and thick, bushy vegetation in the catchment area. It even receives snowfall during the winter season. A truly offbeat destination, Sukhasar Lake invites travelers to expand their bucket list.However, due to heavy snowfall, it may take some time to reach there. 

As we journeyed through the captivating features of Prashar Lake—the floating island, the ancient Pagoda temple, and the holomictic marvel - It's not just any ordinary destination. The legends of Sage Prashar and Bhima, who created the lake, add layers of mystique to its already enchanting allure. Prashar Lake is not only a natural wonder but also a living testament to the rich tapestry of mythology interwoven through the fabric of India.It offers not just a trek but an immersive experience into the beauty and traditions of the Himalayan region.

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