Shimla's Winter Carnival 2023 : A Cultural Spectacle and Tourism Revival


The Himachal Pradesh government has taken a strategic step to boost tourism in Shimla, also known as the 'Queen of Hills,' by organizing the inaugural 'Winter Carnival' at the historic Ridge. This event is expected to play a crucial role in revitalizing the tourism sector, which had been badly affected by a tumultuous monsoon this year, causing significant damage to life and property in the hill state. Despite these challenges, the recent government efforts have paved the way for the Shimla Winter Carnival to become a significant milestone, promising a resurgence of tourism activities in the state.

Adding to the beauty of the hill station, which already makes the venue a major tourist destination in India, Shimla Winter Carnival attracts even foreign tourists to the venue.

Tourism Preparedness

Responding with enthusiasm to this groundbreaking initiative, tourist destinations throughout Himachal Pradesh meticulously geared up to extend a warm welcome to visitors. The state government, dedicated to attracting tourists, undertook comprehensive measures, laying the foundation for a robust revival of tourism activities.

Shimla Winter Carnival Inauguration

The week-long Shimla Winter Carnival was inaugurated on December 25 by the Chief Minister, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu. The Winter Carnival, kickstarted with the festive spirit of Christmas, poised to draw a significant influx of tourists to Shimla, took place from December 25, 2023, to January 5, 2024.

Tourist Influx: A Positive Surge in the Himalayan State

Witnessing a remarkable surge, Himachal Pradesh has experienced an influx of 30,000 tourist vehicles in recent days, signaling a promising revival in the tourism industry. Chief Minister Sukhu underscored the government's commitment by granting 24-hour permissions for restaurants, dhabas, and food shops from December 20 to January 5, 2024. This move aligned with the substantial budget allocation of Rs 3 thousand crore to the tourism sector, a significant increase from the previous Rs 50 crore.

Safety Measures and Acknowledgment

To ensure peaceful and secure celebrations, the district police implemented special arrangements. A detailed police action plan, encompassing traffic management, rescue operations, and evacuations, was in place. Chief Minister Sukhu extended heartfelt gratitude to all involved in the recovery efforts, emphasizing that the carnival symbolised the government's commitment to 'Vyavstha Parivartan.'

Objective of Shimla Winter Carnival

  • Cultural Promotion: To promote and preserve the cultural diversity of Himachal by showcasing traditional music, dance, art, and crafts, allowing both residents and visitors to appreciate and participate in the region's cultural heritage.
  • Tourism Promotion: To attract tourists during the winter season, thereby boosting the local economy and encouraging sustainable tourism. The carnival serves as a platform to highlight the scenic beauty and unique experiences that Shimla has to offer.
  • Recreation and Entertainment: To provide a wide array of recreational and entertainment activities for people of all ages, including live performances, parades, sports events, and competitions, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment.
  • Winter Sports: To promote winter sports and activities, showcasing Shimla as an ideal destination for winter enthusiasts. This can include events such as skiing competitions, snowboarding, and ice-skating.
  • Community Engagement: To encourage active participation from the local community, providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents, entrepreneurial skills, and cultural contributions. This fosters a sense of pride and unity among the residents.
  • Environmental Awareness: To raise awareness about the importance of preserving the natural environment and promote eco-friendly practices during the carnival. This may include initiatives such as waste management, energy conservation, and responsible tourism.
  • Festive Spirit: To create a festive and celebratory atmosphere that brings joy and happiness to the residents of Shimla and visitors alike, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

Festival Highlights

Main Attraction: MahaNati Performance

On the first day, the spotlight shone on a spectacular performance of MahaNati, showcasing the remarkable talents of self-help groups and Anganwadi workers at the Ridge Ground. Over 450 women from self-help groups came together in a mesmerizing dance, captivating the audience.

Cultural Parade and Local Businesses

On the inaugural day of the event, a colorful cultural parade featuring groups from different districts was organized by the Language and Culture Department on December 25th. The parade was followed by captivating cultural programs at the Gaiety Theater, and 35 local businesses set up stalls at the Ridge Ground. The city of Shimla itself was transformed into a winter wonderland, decorated with enchanting lights, setting the stage for the grandeur that unfolded over the next twelve days.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Traditional Himachali Dances: Kullavi Nati and Singtu

Cultural programs unfolded, spotlighting traditional Himachali dances like Kullavi Nati and Singtu, providing a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. Artists from NZCC also performed during the carnival.The twelve-day carnival became a focal point for local dishes, laser shows, and various cultural programs, celebrating the vibrant cultural tapestry of Himachal Pradesh.

Singtu Dance is a traditional cultural dance which is performed on special day of Ekadashi (11th after Indian Diwali) for the God during Ekadashi festival. This festival is celebrated in many villages of Himachal Pradesh specially in Sirmour District (Sirmouri/Pahadi areas). Thousands of people and their families used to visit and enjoy this festival.

NZCC may refer to the North Zone Cultural Centre, which is located in Patiala, Punjab. The Government of India established the center in 1985 to promote and preserve India's cultural heritage, arts, crafts, and traditions.

Mall Road Extravaganza

Mall Road became a cultural hotspot with a designated selfie point, while operational fountains at the Ridge and Scandal Point heightened the carnival experience. Diverse programs at venues like Ridge Maidan, Gaiety Theater, Scandal Point, Rotary Town Hall, and the Police Control Room promised a rich cultural experience. Various activities for children were organized at Rani Jhansi Park during the carnival. 

Apart from this, there was Sufi singing, Qawwali, and a theater festival at Gaiety Theatre.

In the carnival, local Pahari singers from the different districts of Himachal Pradesh also performed stage shows. This helped to promote their culture on a big stage. Also, tourists got a chance to know about the real culture of Himachal Pradesh.

Thrilling Winter Sports

The Winter Carnival was not just a celebration of culture, but also a hub for adventure enthusiasts looking for a winter sports extravaganza. The event provided a range of exciting activities for thrill-seekers, including skiing, snowboarding.The nearby slopes of Kufri and Narkanda were transformed into winter playgrounds, where visitors could indulge in exhilarating snowy escapades. With their well-groomed trails and breathtaking views, both locations were perfect for skiing and snowboarding. 

Major attraction of Shimla Winter Carnival

  • Cultural Parade
  • Performance by Bajantri troupes .
  • Maha-naati by Anganwadi Workers & SHGS .
  • Cultural performance of local Himachali troupes .
  • ‘Voice of Shimla ‘ Singing competition .
  • Institutional Band Competition .
  • Performance by local Bands .
  • Exhibition and stalls SHGs and HP State Handicraft and Handloom Corporation Ltd at the Rridge and Rani Jhansi Park .
  • Fun activities for children at Rani jhansi Park .
  • Comedy Show by 95.0 Big FM .
  • Leaser Show daily in the evening ( Near Church on Ridge Shimla )
  • Performance of Street artist of NZCC
  • Himachal Sanskriti Darshan at the main stage .
  • Himachal Food Stall at Ridge Shimla .
  • Baby Show .
  • Dog Show .


In conclusion, the Winter Carnival Shimla unfolds as a spectacle of tourism revival, promising a rich tapestry of cultural celebrations and winter adventures. Shimla, enrobed in pristine white, invites visitors and locals to partake in this annual extravaganza, ensuring an experience filled with music, laughter, and the infectious spirit of festivity. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Shimla's Winter Carnival – a true winter wonderland.

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