Firsts and Foremost: Key Figures in Himachal Pradesh's History

In this article we read about list of First in Himachal Pradesh in various aspects.


  • First Governor: S.S Chakravarti
  • First Woman Governor: Sheela Kaul
  • First Governor to die in office: Surendra Nath

Chief Ministers

  • First Chief Minister: Dr. Y.S Parmar

Chief Commissioners

  • First Chief Commissioner: Sh. N.C Mehta
  • First Deputy Chief Commissioner: Sh. E.Pendral Moon
  • First Lt. Governor: Major General Himmat Singh

Chief Justices

  • First Chief Justice: Mirza Hamidullah Beg
  • First Woman Chief Justice: Leela Seth

HPPSC Chairman

  • First HPPSC Chairman: K.S Katoch

Vidhan Sabha

  • First Vidhan Sabha Speaker: Pandit Jaiwant Ram
  • First Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker: Krishan Chander
  • First Vidhan Sabha Woman Speaker: Vidya Stokes

Other Notable Positions

  • First Lokayukta: T.V.R Tattachari
  • First Chief Secretary: K.L Mehta
  • First Chairman of H.P Administrative Tribunal: Hira Singh Thakur

Military and Awards

  • First Winner of Victoria Cross: Jamadar Lala Ram
  • First ParamVir Chakra Winner: Major Somnath Sharma
  • First Army Chief from H.P: General V.N Sharma

Achievements and Projects

  • First Person to climb Mt. Everest: Sunil Sharma
  • First Hydel Power Project: Giri Hydel Project

Elections and Political Events

  • First Lok Sabha Election: 1952
  • First Vidhan Sabha Election: 1951

Historical and Infrastructure

  • First Governor-General to visit Shimla: Lord Amherst
  • First Pucca House in Shimla: Kennedy House (1822 A.D)
  • First Railway Line: Kalka-Shimla (1903 A.D)

Historical Figures

  • First Mughal ruler of Kangra: Akbar
  • First Himachali to become Chief Justice: Mehar Chand Mahajan
  • First Himachali to represent India in Olympics Hockey: Charanjit Singh

Information Commissioners

  • First Chief Information Commissioner: P.S Rana
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