List of Largest and smallest in H.P

In this article we read about geographic and demographic extreme of Himachal Pradesh in various aspects.

Geographical Extremes

Largest and Smallest Districts

  • Largest District Area Wise: Lahaul Spiti - 18,835 sq km
  • Smallest District Area Wise: Hamirpur - 1,118 sq km

Population Extremes

  • Largest District Population Wise: Kangra - 15,10,075 (2011 census)
  • Smallest District Population Wise: Lahaul-Spiti - 31,564 (2011 census)

Literacy and Education

  • District with Highest Literacy Rate: Hamirpur - 89.01%
  • District with Lowest Literacy Rate: Chamba - 73.19%


Population Characteristics

  • District with Highest Population Density: Hamirpur - 406 per sq km
  • District with Lowest Population Density: Lahaul-Spiti - 2 per sq km

Gender Ratio

  • District with Highest Sex Ratio: Hamirpur - 1096
  • District with Lowest Sex Ratio: Kinnaur - 818

Tribal and Caste Distribution

  • District with Highest ST Population: Chamba - 1,17,569
  • District with Lowest ST Population: Una - 51
  • District with Highest SC Population: Kangra - 2,79,540
  • District with Lowest SC Population: Lahaul-Spiti - 2,605

Urban and Rural Dynamics

Population Distribution

  • District with Highest Urban Population: Shimla
  • District with No Urban Population: Lahaul-Spiti & Kinnaur
  • District with Highest Rural Population: Kangra

Growth Rates

  • District with Highest Decedal Growth Rate: Una - +16.30%
  • District with Lowest Decedal Growth Rate: Lahaul-Spiti - -5.1%

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Roads and Transportation

  • District with Largest Road Length: Kangra
  • District with Lowest Road Length: Kinnaur

Electoral and Administrative

Electoral Statistics

  • District with Highest Number of Electors: Kangra
  • District with Lowest Number of Electors: Lahaul-Spiti

Administrative Divisions

  • Largest Administrative Division: Mandi (Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Kullu, Mandi, Lahaul-Spiti)
  • Smallest Administrative Division: Dharamshala (Chamba, Kangra, Una)

Altitude Variations

  • District Headquarter at Highest Altitude: Keylong (Lahaul-Spiti) - 3,165 m
  • District Headquarter at Lowest Altitude: Bilaspur - 610 m

Environmental and Agricultural Highlights

Rainfall and Climate

  • Rainiest District: Kangra
  • Rainiest Place: Dharamshala
  • Driest Place: Spiti
  • Driest District: Lahaul-Spiti

Agricultural Production

  • District with Highest Apple Production: Shimla
  • District with Largest Ginger Production: Sirmour
  • District with Largest Potato Production: Shimla
  • Cereal Crop Grown in Largest Area: Wheat
  • Cereal Crop with Largest Production: Maize

Infrastructure and Engineering Marvels


  • Longest National Highway: Hindustan-Tibet Border Road (Parwanoo to Kaurik -495 km)
  • Longest Railway Line: Pathankot-Joginder Nagar (113 km)
  • Longest Bridge: Yamuna Bridge (Poanta Sahib)
  • Longest Highway Tunnel Above 10,000ft.: Atal Tunnel, Rohtang (9.2 km)

Unique Features

Natural Wonders

  • Highest Cricket Ground in the World: Chail (Shimla)
  • Highest Village: Komik (Spiti) - 4,587 m
  • Highest Bridge in Asia: Chicham Bridge (Spiti Valley) - 4,145m above sea level
  • India's Highest Telephone Exchange: Kibber (Spiti) - 4,270 m
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