Himachal Pradesh Cow Dung Procurement Scheme: Boosting Farmer Income and Livestock Economy


Various types of schemes are being run by the government to increase the income of farmers and livestock farmers in the country. Similarly, a new scheme is being started by the Himachal Pradesh government for the benefit of farmers and cattle herders known as the Cow Dung Purchase Scheme. This innovative initiative, announced by Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu on December 11, aims to support farmers and cattle herders in the state by facilitating the purchase of cow dung.

Himachal Pradesh Gobar Kharid Yojana 2024

Scheduled to commence in January 2024, the Cow Dung Purchase Scheme will be implemented at the block level, establishing clusters to streamline the procurement process. Under this scheme, the government commits to purchasing cow dung at a competitive rate of Rs 2 per kg. This strategic move not only promises increased income for farmers and cattle herders but also fosters awareness about animal husbandry, consequently improving the overall condition of livestock.

Objectives of the Cow Dung Purchase Scheme

The Cow Dung Purchase Scheme boasts several key objectives, each contributing to the broader goal of enhancing the economic landscape for farmers and promoting sustainable animal husbandry. Some primary objectives include:

1. Increasing Income

The scheme aims to elevate people's income through the strategic procurement of cow dung.

2. Income Multiplication for Farmers

Farmers engaged in both agriculture and animal husbandry can expect a two to threefold increase in their income.

3. Encouraging Animal Rearing

By instigating a competition among individuals to rear animals, the scheme seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of animal husbandry, potentially reducing milk prices.

4. Strengthening Economic Conditions

The launch of this scheme by the state government is a commendable effort to fortify the economic condition of the people.

5. Cluster-based Registration

In the initial phase, 250 farmers will be registered in one block under this scheme, forming clusters to benefit small, marginal, and progressive farmers.

6. Opportunities for New Farmers

Both new and progressive farmers are poised to benefit from the scheme, receiving support from the government.

7. Monetizing Cow Dung

Farmers can now earn money by selling cow dung, turning a previously untapped resource into a source of income.

Implementation Strategy

To ensure the success of the Cow Dung Purchase Scheme, collaboration between the Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Departments is crucial. The appointment of two nodal officers from these departments demonstrates a commitment to effective implementation. Clusters will be formed, encompassing small, marginal, and progressive farmers, motivating them to explore allied sectors such as poultry farming and cow rearing. Additionally, these farmers will be eligible for various state government schemes.

Utilization of Purchased Cow Dung

Under the Cow Dung Procurement Scheme, the government will acquire cow dung from farmers at Rs 2 per kg. This collected cow dung will be stored and directed towards the horticulture agriculture and nursery sectors. The scheme also aims to create a market for organic products produced by farmers, facilitating the purchase of organic crops at attractive prices. E-booklets will be distributed to farmers to raise awareness about state government welfare schemes and policies.

Benefits and Properties of the Cow Dung Purchase Scheme

Till now we used to use cow dung for our fields without any money but now we can earn money by selling it.

  • Initiated by the Himachal Pradesh government
  • Purchase of cow dung at Rs 2 per kg
  • Cluster-based registration of 250 farmers in the initial phase
  • Collectors appointed for the benefit of farmers
  • Inclusion of farmers in government grant schemes
  • Opportunities for women to benefit from the scheme
  • Employment generation in the state
  • Increase in the additional income of the people
  • Promotion of animal husbandry for economic strengthening
  • Potential for a 2 to 3 times increase in income through animal husbandry and farming

In conclusion, the Himachal Pradesh Cow Dung Purchase Scheme emerges as a significant initiative poised to transform the agricultural and livestock landscape, bringing about economic prosperity and sustainable practices for the people of the state.

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